Phuket is a bigger island than you may think. Depending on the type of vibes you are looking for, there is a little something for everyone.


This is where you come if you are looking for a luxurious and relaxing stay. It is perfect for friends, couples and families. The beach here is very clean with soft white sand. The tourism here is way less so it is a much more calm beach than others you may find around the island. You won’t see the locals trying to sell you things or any boats docked near by. You will, however, see some local fishermen doing their thing. It is pretty fascinating to watch, actually.

I stayed at the Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Hotel. My stay here was beyond incredible. I completely believe that anywhere you go, the experience you are welcomed with by the staff is the most important thing. Pullman Phuket went beyond that for me and my travel partner.

The hotel is conveniently located only 15 minutes from the airport, giving you more time to be at the resort as well as a much cheaper taxi ride (around 400THB [$13USD] as opposed to 1000THB [$30USD] to Patong Beach area). (For transportation in Phuket, click here!)

One of my favorite things about Pullman Phuket was the views!!! The sun would set right on the water, with a beautiful view from the lobby, restaurants, infinity pools and the room.

Food options were extensive with a variety of selections at the breakfast buffet, a seafood and an Italian restaurant. Some of my best meals in Thailand were had at Vero (the Italian Restaurant). We had the beef cheek and the fish of the day (Norwegian Cod).

One of the biggest reasons that I support this hotel is because of their goal of sustainability. They only use biodegradable straws and their water bottles in the rooms are GLASS. Slowly, they are working on eliminating plastic from the hotel. Their latest campaign is offering high quality reusable water bottles to guests who can get their bottle filled up for free with filtered water. Pullman Phuket also has a program where once a week they do a beach clean up. Absolutely inspirational!

If you would like as nice of a stay as I had in Phuket, feel free to contact Pullman!


This is where you come if you are looking for nothing but partying. Bangla Road (the main party street in Phuket) is near Patong Beach. The beach itself is very crowded with tourists everywhere and locals constantly trying to sell you things. It is not the cleanest beach you will ever see. You will not find a quiet vacation in Patong Beach.

Food here is not expensive relative to North America or Europe but relative to the rest of Thailand, it is more expensive and also less authentic.

We stayed at an airbnb here… it was very cheap and the photos looked amazing but it wasn’t that nice in real life and it was pretty far from Bangla Road. That’s what you get for trying to be extra cheap, haha! Honestly, I did not enjoy Patong, especially after seeing what life is like at Naithon Beach, I would probably only go back to Naithon Beach because it is much more calm and relaxing.

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An extra 15 minutes south of Patong Beach is Karon Beach. Here you will find more resorts. Partying happens here as well but less so. That being said, the beach here is considered to be nicer than Patong Beach and it is not far.

There are quite a few view points near Karon Beach where you can watch the sunset but they are well known and do get crowded.

Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love and care
— Unknown