In May 2018 in Ubud, we stayed at Nyuh Ubud Bali Resort & Spa. I have never felt more like a queen than I did at this resort. It was located a little outside of the centre of Ubud which I really liked because it let you have the quiet, relaxed vibe that you want when you are in Bali but it was also only a 15 minute drive to Ubud Center where all the hustle & bustle occurs (there is a free shuttle service from the hotel that takes you to Ubud Centre).

The resort is conveniently located near Bali Swing, Monkey Forest, Rice Terraces, Water Temples and more!

The staff at this resort were truly amazing and always at your service with a smile. We were always warmly greeted every time we returned to the resort as well as any time we saw a staff member around the resort.


The private villas are impeccable and very clean with perfect A/C. Each villa is equipped with a private pool and there is also another pool in the resort for all guests to share which includes a beautiful waterfall! There is an amazing outdoor shower which I loved because nothing is more magical than showering under the stars. The bathroom is massive and has a giant tub which is perfect for a romantic bath.


Traditional Balinese breakfast is complimentary every morning for all guests. There is actually a variety of options for breakfast to meet everyone’s dietary needs. My favorite was when we got our breakfast in the pool! We got room service for dinner every night which was truly delicious and very cheap! It was so worth it as we never wanted to leave the resort.


One of the best things about this resort is all the activities that they have such as morning walks in rice terraces and morning yoga classes with this WONDERFUL yoga instructor! They also have classes where they teach you how to make traditional Balinese offerings for their Gods. This was so beautiful and the staff was kind enough to let us join them on their morning prayer the next day. It was very nice to learn about Balinese culture with the staff who we felt a close connection with.

Each guest is provided with a free complimentary welcome massage and this is by far the best massage I ever had! They have amazing spa services available.

I consider Nyuh to be a smaller and more intimate and private resort setting. The staff really has the time to get to know you and give you the most attention.


If you were interested in a larger resort vibe, I suggest Desa Visesa Ubud. Desa Visesa can accommodate you in private villas, rooms and suites. We stayed here in June 2019 and it was pretty busy but still felt very quiet at the same time.

My favorite thing about every private villa is the pool! I love the privacy of my own pool and the quick access right from my bed in the mornings. Happy to have walked into the villa to see a pool right just 2 steps from the door :). It was also nice because if I wanted to vibe with other guests at the resort, I could visit the main pool which was designed very well. We met some great friends from Australia here!

We treated ourselves to a 3-course meal at the Lumbung Restaurant while we sat on the patio and listened to the sounds of their in-resort waterfall. I can confidently say that I had the best Balinese food that I did on this trip. The service was exceptional and you can tell all of their ingredients used were high quality. Speaking of food… their complimentary buffet breakfast every morning was also a treat with a variety of selections! Unfortunately, we didn’t try a floating breakfast here but they do have it available!

You can’t go to Bali and NOT get a Balinese spa treatment… and so we did just that! We got a full body massage which included a flower bath at the end. This was sooo relaxing and serene that we both fell asleep! It was also the first proper flower bath I had ever been in and it was as I expected it to be!

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In 2018 in Kuta we stayed at an airbnb. We booked a private room in a villa with a total of 4 bedrooms. We booked it because of the aesthetics that it had and we loved the giant hut. We had our own private outdoor bathroom and there was also a pool for everyone to use. The host provided snacks which was awesome because we were hungry when we arrived! The host was awesome and he would chill with us when he had the time. He is an Italian photographer that moved to Bali… cool, huh? DM me on Instagram (@mari.explores) if you want the link to this listing! 

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In 2019, we stayed in Seminyak instead of Kuta just to try out a different area. Seminyak is closer to the airport than Kuta so this can be more convenient in terms of time as well as cost of transportation to and from the airport. We stayed at The Seiryu Villas where we treated ourselves to a private luxury villa with a private pool. We chose to stay here mainly because of the location. It is only about a 5 minute walk to the beach with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes nearby. It is located in a very secure area so we always felt safe.

The villas are much larger than I expected with a full living room and a kitchen included as well. There is a cabana area to lounge on while hanging out near the pool. My favorite part was the floating breakfast, of course!!! Their complimentary breakfast that is brought to your villa every morning includes a variety of options which was a delight. The food tasted fresh and healthy!

The top thing about any hotel I stay at is the customer service. We felt that Seiryu Villas met that criteria perfectly. Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. They even let me store my large suitcase there for nearly 2 weeks while we explored nearby islands. I highly recommend staying here if you are in the area as it is relatively affordable and you are treated very well.

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Of course, there is more to Bali than just Ubud and Kuta. The more down south you go, the more touristy everything becomes. Those who I have spoken to who have stayed all the way down south said that the level of tourists is so high and overwhelming that they actually did not enjoy their visit to Bali, and I can't blame them. Everything is much more expensive and locals are less friendly and you are more likely to get jipped. The food is also less authentic. However, those who stayed in Ubud (such as myself), felt a deeper connection to Balinese culture and truly enjoyed it. Since down south (Seminyak, Uluwatu, Kuta, etc) is more touristy, there is a lot more nightlife here than in Ubud and up. Uluwatu is where you would visit if you want to visit insane cliffs with stunning views of the water and sunset. The higher up you go on the map, the more culture (temples, food, locals, etc) and the more nature (waterfalls, jungles, rice terraces, etc) you experience. That being said, we were happy to have experienced both settings in Bali and if you have the time, I suggest experiencing both the culture and little bit of the tourist areas. If you don't have a lot of time, I suggest Ubud only. 

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