Singapore can get pretty expensive… But it actually wasn’t expensive for us as we knew the right places to eat! If you prefer to eat local food wherever you go, Hawker Centre is the place to be for cheap, local food! You can find Hawker Centres all over the city, just search up the nearest one to you on your google maps! There are tons of stands inside with a variety of options and the price being anywhere from $2.00SGD per plate to $10.00SGD. The portions are huge and everything is delicious. If you are with a few people, each of you order different plates and share. Try everything! 


Hawker Chan received a Michelin Star for his soy sauce chicken! Find his stand at Chinatown Hawker centre. Make sure to go early in the day as people start lining up in the morning and the stand closes when they run out of chicken in the afternoon! A plate of some chicken and rice / noodles is only about 2SGD at Hawker Centre. You can also buy an entire chicken for cheap. They even have a restaurant across the street from Hawker Centre. They serve the same food but prices are a bit more expensive (not by much though) but there is a smaller line up and it is a cleaner area to eat.

I love eating chicken with my bare hands. It makes me want to snarl at people, even more than usual.
— Jeri Smith-Ready