Public transport


Singapore has an amazing metro system (MRT). If you buy one-way tickets, they cost anywhere from $1.40SGD to $1.90SGD, depending on the stations you are going to. If you are staying longer, you can buy 3-day passes, or there is also a tourist pass (EZ-link card) that you can buy which allows for unlimited travel through Singapore on the busses, MRT and LRT. Make sure to remember to bring your passport to get the tourist pass! You can buy these passes at the stations in the photo.


Taxis are very inexpensive in Singapore. We mostly used taxis as it was the most convenient and got us to our destination faster and there is also A/C in the taxis (sooooo important!!).


There is also the app GRAB that you can use to order cars to pick you up. The GRAB app rates are comparable to taxi rates, they are just an easier way to order taxis. 

Yo la conoci en un taxi, En camino al club
— Pitbull