Without a doubt, if you know how to ride a scooter, that is the best way to get around in Bali because you never have to wait for a ride, it is super cheap (about $5 a day), gas is cheap and you can swerve through traffic to get to your destination faster.

WARNING!!! If you have never driven a scooter / motorcycle before, don’t get your hopes up. I got my hopes up only to find out that traffic is INSANE and the way everyone drives is not like North America, cars and scooters are EVERYWHERE and nobody stays in their own lane. We went to rent a scooter anyways so we found a lady renting scooters in Ubud Centre. She took our money and then watched us try to use these scooters, when she realized that we have never driven one before, she gave us our money back and told us to leave haha. This was a total disappointment! (See my "Culture Shock" tab to read more about this... 

Later on in my trip we met a friend who let me try his scooter and it was easy to learn but we were in a quiet area without any traffic. Ubud Centre is not a good place to try for your first time, it is way too crowded! 

You also need to check with your insurance at home to see if you will be covered if you are in an accident. Many insurances do not cover your medical costs if you do not have a motorcycle drivers license from your home country or if you are not wearing a helmet.

P.s. Bali cops to tend to stop non-locals for minuscule violations because they know that they will probably get a bribe out of you. And they do accept bribes... $20 and you're set free. (I am not promoting this but it is what it is in many countries)

2. Hire a driver

When Wayan took us to his sisters store in Sukawati Art Market

When Wayan took us to his sisters store in Sukawati Art Market

When we were in Ubud, @agirlwhoblooms gave me her driver’s phone number. His name was Wayan and he was THE BEST!! He spoke broken English but he was extremely kind and super nice. He had a 7-seater van and he would drive us for up to 10 hours a day and would take us to wherever we wanted. He would wait for us in the parking lot for however much time we needed and then take us to our next destination. We never had to worry about leaving our things in the car as we trusted him and he trusted us to pay him his price at the end of the day. We gave him an extra 100,000IDR than he asked on the first day that we had him and the next day he told me that we made a mistake and gave him too much. The fact that he brought it up himself made me know that I could trust this man. Please do DM me on Instagram (@mari.explores) if you would like his contact info!


When we were in Kuta, we mainly used the GRAB app to order a car. A wonderful woman by the name of Anna showed up in a nice SUV. Her English was amazing and she is truly incredible and genuine. We got her number and she would pick us up whenever we called her and gave us the same price as the GRAB app and would not charge us more. However, we always tipped more. Please do DM me on Instagram (@mari.exploresif you would like her contact info!

We also really enjoyed ordering scooters using the GRAB app because we would get through traffic faster and also it was just such a thrill to be on a scooter! The GRAB app gives very cheap prices so we always tipped more, especially for longer rides. 

Do be careful when using the GRAB app as local taxi companies hate GRAB drivers and do sometimes beat them up if they see the GRAB drivers picking up passengers. Often times, the GRAB driver will ask you to meet them down the street where they will not get caught. 

You can handle just about anything that comes at you out on the road with a believable grin, common sense and whiskey.
— Bill Murray