Learn to ride a scooter

Pai is probably one of the best places to learn how to ride a scooter. The traffic is calm and the roads are well-paved. It costs around 100THB / day to rent a scooter but you normally do need to put down a deposit.


Many places will asks for your passport as a deposit and I do NOT recommend this. Aya Service is a popular place that accepts cash as deposit and this is a much better option to go for. The deposit is returned to you when you return the bike. The deposit is 2000THB. You do however need to bring your passport and driver’s license for them to take a photocopy of it. We did not bring our passports but they accepted our drivers licenses from our home country as good enough.


You can buy insurance for different rates that cover different things. Always ask what the insurance covers before you sign anything. Remember that it does not come with medical insurance so make sure your travel insurance will cover any medical costs if you were to get into an accident.

Always make sure to wear a helmet while riding. You will get pulled over by police if you do not. Aya Service will ask for a deposit for their helmet but you will get this deposit back when you return the bike.

Your bike will probably be given to you with an empty tank. Drive to the nearest gas station to fill up (it will cost around $2).

NO MATTER WHERE YOU RENT A SCOOTER / MOTORBIKE / CAR, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO VIDEO THE ENTIRE THING BEFORE TAKING IT ANYWHERE! This video will save you if you are to get into any accidents (or even if you don’t get into any accidents but the owners try pushing the damage on you).

You can use yout Aya scooter to drive all the way back to Chiang Mai and drop it off at their location in Chiang Mai. They will bring your 1 piece luggage for you in their car for free.

Sunset at Pai Canyon

The best place to catch the sunset is at Pai Canyon. It is very close to the center of Pai and is accessible via your scooter or a taxi. Careful not to wear any white clothes here… it is very dusty and you will get dirty quick!

Visit the Land Split

This land is a popular spot to visit in Pai! A farmer owned this land and when an earthquake occurred, his farm completely split in half. The people running the farm are very friendly and they provide you with a free refreshing berry drink which is very delicious! There is a box for donations and I highly recommend that you leave a donation.

The drive here is very easy with a scooter. Super accessible!

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