Ubud Traditional Art Market

    Ubud Traditional Art Market



Ubud Traditional Art Market is well known by tourists for the best place to bargain and find cheap beautiful clothing and accessories such as the round straw bags everyone has on instagram these days... (basic).

Best trick is to first ask the shop owner what the price of an item is. They will tell you a high price but they are ready to bargain with you. Start at below half the price that they give you and try to eventually meet somewhere in between. The more items you buy at one shop, the better of a deal you will get so if you are shopping with multiple people, try to buy things at the same shop. 

A lot of shops sell similar products so it is easy to find whatever you need. If the shop owner is not giving you the item for the price that you want, walk out. A lot of the times they will stop you and agree to give you the item for that price. If they don’t, you will find it somewhere else.

WARNING!!! Shop owners are not afraid to grab your hand and pull you into their store and beg you to buy their items! This happened to me and I left with pants that I never even wanted (but now they are my favorite pair haha). Some shop owners can be rude which I did not like. When you enter Ubud Traditional Art Market, just be prepared to be swarmed by shop owners.

                  Sukawati Art Market

                  Sukawati Art Market


Sukawati art market

Our driver took us to Sukawati Art Market on our last day in Ubud. We had never heard of this market before but he promised us that we would get the same items here as there is in Ubud Traditional Market and also at a cheaper price! He told us that Ubud Traditional Market gets their items from Sukawati Market and then sells it at a higher price.

This seemed to be true. We saw many of the same items in a lot of the stores and everything was a lot cheaper. We saw almost 0 tourists and only locals shopping here.

The shop owners were a lot more friendly, and a lot more willing to bargain with you. They did not grab our hand and try to pull us into their stores either haha. We had a lot more fun at Sukawati Market and felt a lot less overwhelmed as well.

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
— Tammy Faye Bakker