NYC with Vessi Footwear


It’s the city that never sleeps… or does it???

Check out my first ever VLOG on New York here!

This was my 5th trip to New York, so it’s about time I tell you guys the ins & outs of what I know about this over populated but crazy incredible city! This year, Vessi Footwear challenged me to roam around the city in their new shoes. They wanted me to experience first hand not only the comfort of walking around in their shoes all day, but also to see if my feet really do stay dry in this rainy city! So hey, challenge accepted.



When booking flights to New York, there are 3 different airports that are accessible.

  1. The main one is JFK which is just south of Queens.

  2. Then you got LGA which closer to Manhattan

  3. The third one is EWR which is actually located in New Jersey but it is only about a 40-60min drive into the city (depending on traffic).

    I choose which airport to fly into / fly out of depending on the price of the flight. Keep in mind that to get to and from EWR, you need to pay a toll of $15USD when crossing state borders.


New York is HUGE! There isn’t just one main location to stay in. It totally depends on your vibe and what you’re looking for.

Manhattan: This is probably one of your most expensive options (but where is it not expensive in New York?) There is so much in Manhattan that you will want to do, but you probably don’t want to actually stay in Manhattan. It is way too touristy and overwhelming.

Brooklyn: This is one of my favorite options. I loveeee the vibes here! That’s probably because there is a little bit of everything for everyone in Brooklyn. I couldn’t see why anyone would ever not enjoy it.
Brooklyn is safe! But like everywhere else in the world, don’t walk through dark and quiet alleyways, keep your head up high and be aware of your surroundings and you will be just fine!

Harlem: Harlem is a neighborhood with one of the oldest areas of African American culture in North America. The New York public library here is the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Queens: Long Island City is located here. This option is probably one of your most convenient ways to stay outside the city but still be able to get in without much of a hassle.

Long Island: This is going to be your cheapest option. To get into the city, the most convenient way is via the LIR train. It will take you to Penn Station and from there you can take the subway or walk.
**Long Island and Long Island City are NOT the same thing! Long Island City is located in Queens!**

Regardless of where you stay, just make sure that it is near a train station.

10 things TO DO in nyC

1. Times Square

Who doesn’t love looking up and seeing ginormous screens of flashing lights 360 degrees around them? Is Times Square really as magical as everyone makes it out to be? Honestly, the first couple of times, yea, yea it is! After being there a few times, it does tend to get old but I definitely did feel extremely excited when I walked up the stairs from the subway and saw the big flashing lights. I often don’t feel this when I arrive at a location and there are way too many people but I think the amount of people really added to the experience. I also did come to Times Square once around 2am… it was completely empty! That too was also pretty magical because all the lights and TV screens were still on but not a single soul in sight. I felt like I was in a movie! Totally recommend!

You can shop here, you can eat here, or you can catch a show of GOOD MORNING AMERICA! There are tons of street performers to be entertained. Here is where you will also find people dressed up in all kinds of characters for you to take photos with. Make sure you have cash!

Times Square, wearing  Vessi Footwear

Times Square, wearing Vessi Footwear

2. Brooklyn Bridge

This is one of those things where I was like I LOVE THE VIEW… but there are too many people here!! Haha. It is such an instagram-worthy spot and so popular now that it would be tough for you to get your instagram shot without any people in it unless you plan on waking up for sunrise!

Does anybody even know why the Brooklyn Bridge is famous? Only because it looks cool in photos? Well here’s the real reason why: it is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA.

It will take you about an hour to cross over to the other side.

You can see the Brooklyn Bridge either by walking across it or from the DUMBO or simply from underneath it while seeing the city skyline (really beautiful at night!!).

3. Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is exactly like the movies!!! It’s nice to go for a visit and look up and down and 360 degrees around and just feel like you are in a movie.

You normally wouldn’t be passing through here just to take the subway. Trains in Grand Central Station are for far distances.

4. Penn Station

Penn Station isn’t very picture-worthy but I have mentioned it here because of ROSE’S PIZZA!!!

You know how everyone says “New York has the best pizza!!” Well, it is true!!!!!!!! But especially at Roses’s Pizza inside Penn Station!

I cannot recommend this enough! My favorite pizza is Grandma’s (basically a margarita pizza) and it is just so perfect… I go at least once or twice each time I go to New York. I’m drooling just thinking about it…

5. Central Park

Central Park is so big that you could spend a whole day here and still not see all of it.

It is a spot where you can go to get away from the hussle and just take a relaxing walk alone, with a friend or two or with your dog. You won’t get bored of it here!

My favorite part about central park is the giant pond in the centre where you can rent a little paddle boat and just float around while having one of the best views of the city. You can rent a boat at Loeb Boathouse.

6. SOJO Spa

SOJO Spa is actually just across the border in New Jersey. This spa is an incredible spot to relax for the entire day. Admission is $50 a person on weekdays and $65 on weekends and holidays. The admission includes complimentary robe or lounge wear and access to all their open amenities (including their infinity pool with a view of NYC!)

You can book other spa treatments and if you spend enough, you will get 50% of your admission refunded back to you.

I went here in the winter time and it was awesome because it was so cold outside but you quickly get into the steaming infinity pool and it feels incredible as ever!

They have outdoor hydrotherapy pools, carbon-rich baths, silk baths, and hinoki baths, all nice and hot!

By the way, if you are covered under insurance, they have registered massage therapists at their spa so you can send in a claim to your insurance for reimbursement.

The next few spots are must-hits during the holiday season in NYC!

7. Arlo Arctica at Arlo SoHo

One of the seasonal instagram-worthy spots! You can reserve these igloos with the restaurant and I highly recommend this as it will be difficult to get a photo with the igloos if there are already guests inside of it. There are 3 of these igloos.

Although it may seem like these igloos are located on a rooftop, it is actually just on the main floor.

Arlo is a hotel so you are also able to book nights here!

Arlo Arctica PC:  @vankz

Arlo Arctica
PC: @vankz

Arlo Arctica, wearing  Vessi Footwear

Arlo Arctica, wearing Vessi Footwear

8. Bryant Square Park Christmas Market

Bryant Square Christmas Market is one of the most popular Christmas markets in New York! There is an outdoor ice rink with a giant Christmas tree at the end. There is an amazing view of the city when looking up 360 degrees around. The food in this market is undoubtedly my favorite thing about this market; especially the pastries! The lineups are long but well worth the wait.

Bryant Square Christmas Market, wearing  Vessi Footwear

Bryant Square Christmas Market, wearing Vessi Footwear


I decided to dump my Vessi shoes in the fountain here and see how they really hold up. Honestly, trust me when I say this… these shoes really are 100% waterproof (unless you put water inside the shoe itself obviously). I left my feet in the fountain for at least 30 seconds and when I took them out, only the exterior of the fabric was wet but by socks were completely dry. And even though the exterior was wet, it dried off pretty quickly too! It must be magic!!!

9. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

This place is always in the movies!!! Extremely crowded but it is stunning! There is a long line up for ice skating and the tree is massive. My favorite things about the Rockefeller Center is this BEAUTIFUL light show that they have on Saks building. It replays every 10 minutes from 5pm - 11pm.

10. Brookfield Place Lights

Brookfield Place, wearing  Vessi Footwear

Brookfield Place, wearing Vessi Footwear

Need I say more? Just look at these lights!

So, how did the challenge go? I walked all around New York City for an entire day. THE VERDICT: My feet stayed completely dry, comfortable because of how lightweight they are, and it did not hold in any sweat, which means the shoe is also breathable! I absolutely recommend Vessi Footwear for your everyday needs, especially if you live in a rainy city. They are also pretty stylish never mind the fact that they are vegan!

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