Wednesdays are Ladies Night!!!! Pretty much free entrance and free drinks at most of the clubs (especially at Clarke Quay).



Clarke Quay is lively every night of the week, but especially on Wednesdays & weekends. There are restaurants, bars, clubs, arcades, and it is right on the river with a beautiful view!


1 altitude

This club is located on the rooftop of a very tall building (1 Raffles Place - I believe it is on the 62nd floor) Really high up there! Great music, expensive drinks. Free cover for ladies on Wednesdays, & $35SGD for males (but this includes 1 drink). The 360 views here are incredible!


Smokes n mirrors

This rooftop bar is located on a shorter building than 1 Altitude but still has breathtaking views and it is a lot different than 1 Altitude so that is why I suggest both of them. Don’t need to pay any money to see this view as you can see it before entering the bar on the rooftop. This bar is a little less lively than 1 Altitude if you are looking for more chill vibes. 

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.
— Jeanne C. Stein