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Hi, I'm Mari. No, not Marie. And not Mary either. Mari. "Ma-ree". Okay now that we have gotten that out of the way... Here's my life story.

It all started when my creator (mother) gave birth to me in Dubai. My parents moved us to Canada in 2000 with the hopes to give their children a better life. I have never been more thankful for anything else. Canada has opened up my world to countless opportunities that I never could have had in the Middle East. The lifestyle in Canada is something I will always be grateful to have grown up in. Education is better, jobs are better, and the country is so diverse with all these different cultures that I learn so much by just even travelling within Canada. I know many of us immigrated to other countries for a better life so I am sure that you can understand. This is a thank you to my parents for providing me with a life I never could have imagine.


When I took my first trip without my family in 2015 to Spain & Greece, it changed my life forever. I became aware of just how diverse this world actually is. It's more than just knowing that there are different cultures and languages out there. It's the moments that I finally immersed myself into environments that I usually am not used to, it's those moments that I realized how small I am and how fascinating this world is. This trip gave me the urge to see it all. So I came home, and started planning my next trip and then I never stopped.

 Travelling to me is more than just visiting the sites and taking photos. I like to immerse myself in local culture, try to learn their language, try to really understand how they are living and of course, experience the beauty of their nature. This world is so versatile that it would be a waste to stay in one country and not see it as much as you can.  



When I am not travelling, I am studying full time to become an optometrist. Don't freak out, I'll tell you what that is. In North America, optometrists are your eye doctors. Think of it as your family doctor, but for your eyes. We prescribe your prescription glasses and we also treat the health of your eyes. No, we do not do surgery; that is the job of the ophthalmologist. In other parts of the world, there are no optometrists, only ophthalmologists and they do everything. 

I actually study more than I travel but because I keep my Instagram account (@mari.explores) constantly active, many people think that I travel year round. That is not the case. I really enjoy what I study and the future career that it will provide for me as eye care is extremely important, more important than many people realize. In the future I will be sharing with you steps you can take to keep your eyes healthy. 

*Fun Fact*: the first sign of many diseases in any part of your body is in your eyes. Get checked by your local optometrist / ophthalmologist regularly! 



I have been training in martial arts for over 11 years. I have a 3rd degree black belt and a Canada-Wide champion title in my division in Taek Won Do. I am now currently training towards earning my black belt in Krav Maga. Krav Maga is an Israeli street self-defense martial arts. I use martial arts as my stress reliever from school and to keep me physically and mentally healthy. I also find it extremely important to learn martial arts especially for a young woman like me who is always finding new places to explore and can never be sure of the incidences that may occur. I highly recommend it to all of you, men & women.

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