• We spent less than $15/day on food (breakfast was complimentary at our hotel - Nyuh Ubud Bali Resort & Spa). Some restaurants are more expensive than others but overall relatively cheap. (If you are with a couple friends, I highly recommend you all order separate dishes and then share!) We ordered dinner at our resort each night and it was less than $10/person each night.

  • Tourist attractions never cost more than $3/person (except for Bali Swing which was $35USD)

  • Transportation is very cheap (less than $2 for 20 minute rides) and the most expensive is for 10 hour day tours: 400,000-600,000IDR is usually normal (we always tipped)

    • Scooter rentals are about $5-$7/day and gas is cheap (around $1 to fill the tank).

  • Shopping in the markets is not expensive but it also depends on how much you want to buy

  • Cold bottled water is less than $1


  • Everything is more expensive

  • Food in cafes are almost double the price than Ubud (but still cheaper than North American cafes!) Food can cost anywhere from $5-$20 a plate.

  • Cocktails can cost up to $10-$14

  • Transportation is a little bit more expensive but not by much

  • Shopping is not cheap whatsoever! Most shops are boutique shops with very high prices! Shops similar to those in Ubud Market are also more expensive. 


Finding the right ATM to use without being scammed can be very stressful! There are numerous occasions where the ATM in Bali is actually fake and either eats your card or takes money out of your account but does not give you the cash. Thankfully, this never happened to me. THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO:

  1. Always make sure that the ATM you want to use contains the logo that is on the back of your card. If it is not, do NOT use that ATM

  2. Find an ATM that another foreigner is already using and line up behind them. After they are done, ask them if the ATM worked okay. If it did, then it is ready to use for you too!

  3. ATMs in Bali have a limit on the amount of cash withdrawal. Some have a limit of 300k IDR and others may have as low of a limit as 150k IDR. Often, you will see multiple different ATMโ€™s beside each other so if the limit is too low for you, try the next one. I have not seen an ATM with a higher limit than 300k IDR.


The best way to exchange your currency is to bring your home countryโ€™s currency in cash and exchange it at one of the vendors on the streets in Bali. The rate is much better than at the airport and you can also compare different vendors as they have different rates. Every day the rate changes. Make sure to enter into a reputable vendor (ideally one that has glass doors to enter into). Also remember that during holidays, the exchange rate will not change and will likely be lower than normal.

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.
— Susan Heller