This is undoubtedly my biggest regret when I was in Bali. Why? I regret not spending a night or 2 in Nusa Penida and doing just a day trip instead. This island is small but there is so much beauty to it and I barely got to see some of it and even that was extremely rushed. Please, if you want to go to Nusa Penida at all, do your best to set aside enough time to at least spend a night or 2 there. If you REALLY don't have the time... then I guess do what I did, minus some mistakes...

We thought it would be simple to do a day trip, boy were we wrong!! So keep reading... First boat out from Sanur (the port in Bali) is at 8AM. We thought if we arrived at 8:30AM, we could take the 9AM ferry. We didn't think that like "hey.. maybe there will be other people who also wanna go on the boat.." 

When we arrived, it was so busy that we couldn't get on until the 11AM ferry (granted, it was also on a Friday). By the time we arrived at Nusa Penida and found a driver it was 12:30PM. We had less than 4 hours to go to 3 locations and be back in time before the last ferry back to Bali (5PM). 

Luckily our driver was super efficient and great at getting through the traffic, as well as not throwing us over the cliff. He also knew the best spots with best views so we got the most out of each location (Kelingking beach, Angel's Billabong & Broken beach) with the little time we had. But damn it was rushed... definitely worth it to stay a night or 2 on the island to really enjoy it. But we still loved it.

I wish we stayed longer so that we could:
1) spend more time at these locations and
2) visit more locations (such as Seganing Waterfall, Peguyangan Waterfall, Rumah Pohon Tree House, Atuh Beach, Suwehan Beach, Crystal Beach (even go snorkeling there!)

There was just so much left to do so I was already convinced that I am returning next year.

The cost of a ferry ticket is 200,000IDR/person each way when you buy at the port. Roundtrip costs 400,000IDR. It is smart to buy a round trip ticket because this way you can guarantee your spot on the last ferry in case in sells out. You can also buy ferry tickets in the city or at your hotel for a package deal but costs will be different. Depending on the package, it may or may not be worth it. 



If there was any location that I wanted to go to in Bali while I was there, it was Kelingking Beach. I wanted to climb down to the bottom and spend the day on that magical soft white sand. Unfortunately since we only did a day trip to Nusa Penida, we didn't have the time to climb down to the bottom because we had to be back at the port by 4:30pm to catch the last ferry back to Bali.

In the first photo, it may seem that we have the cliff all to ourselves but there was actually a massive line up behind me waiting to take the same photo. It was pretty busy but not many people climbed all the way down to the bottom (we saw about 10 people there). We climbed down about 5 minutes to get a different view point (the 2nd photo) but did not have any more time to do the rest. The best part was that one of the locals took that photo for me and he had climbed up on top of a tree to get me the best angle (Indonesians are awesome!!). I also created a giant rip in the crotch of my pants while climbing down to this part... haha... good thing I was wearing bikini bottoms... :) 

The drive from the port to Kelingking Beach is about 45 minutes by car. You can do this by scooter but the roads to Kelingking Beach are very dangerous. Many can't make it all the way to the end without falling, but some can. So do it at your own risk (video coming soon showing you how dangerous the roads are). 



I originally thought that Angel's Billabong & Broken Beach were located in 2 different places. I knew that they were near each other but not that they were walking distance until our driver parked and told us that we had arrived at Broken Beach but we only saw Angel's Billabong. You can imagine our confusion... Until he guided us on a 5 minute walk from Angel's Billabong when we arrived at Broken Beach! It was so cool that they were so close to each other. Super convenient! 

When we went (afternoon May, 2018), the currents were much too strong to swim in the natural pool at Angel's Billabong but if you time it currently for the currents to be calm, you can swim at the bottom which must be extremely magical. 

At the bottom of the cliff of Broken Beach is actually a tiny chicken forest that I never knew about. We saw a chicken just hanging out at the bottom of the cliff. Our driver told us that they just fly up to the top of the cliff whenever they want. Pretty fascinating... haha. Chickens are everywhere. 

If you want my driver's contact info, DM me on Instagram (@mari.explores), he will pick you up from the port and take you wherever you need the entire day! He's pretty cool. Already recommended him to some people and they loved him!

P.s. none of these locations have entrance fees... as of when we went (May 2018)... 

Don’t rush; just relax. Enjoy the journey of life.
— Debasish Mridha