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For all of these waterfalls and all the waterfalls that you ever visit, it is important to be cautious! The rapids are very strong, especially when the snow is just melting (late spring / early summer). Deaths have occured at multiple of these waterfalls that I will be listing off. Enjoy it, but don't test the limits. 


7. Brandywine Falls
This is my favorite waterfall that I have ever been to. Every waterfall is different but what I liked most about this one is that it is a trek to get to the base. The main view point is only a 10 minute trail from the parking lot but if you are courageous enough, you can get down to the base by getting past a fence.

A few years ago, this was considered trespassing as nobody was allowed. But the area has become so popular online that they have created marked trails to make it safer for you to get down. The trail is really easy now, just keep following the orange ribbons but definitely still be careful.

When you get to the base, the feeling is so exhilarating. I usually spend at least an hour here before I go back up. Going back up itself is another fun process as you have to maneuver yourself to get up this mountain of rocks. Just be cautious, take your time and you should be ok.

The entire process is about 2.5 hours.

You can get to Brandywine falls from Vancouver (about a 1.5hr drive) off the sea-to-sky highway. 

6. Shannon Falls
I actually haven’t been to Shannon Falls since I was a child because I haven’t gotten around to it recently but it is a major waterfall. You can find this waterfall on the same road to Brandywine falls but 30 minutes earlier.

PLEASE be careful if you decide to go off-trail. The conditions are very dangerous majority of the year. We lost 3 locals who were also travel-bloggers this year to the waterfall and it really broke my heart.

5. Rainbow Falls
You can find this beauty just 15 minutes North of Whistler Village. GPS will take you to a "graveyard" and you can't really park there. Park about 1 minute before on your right hand side. You will see a large sign for a trail to Rainbow Falls. 


The trail is about a 20 minute incline up. It is not super difficult. When you arrive, it is just magical and if you're lucky, on a sunny day you will see a rainbow at Rainbow Falls! 

4. Cascade Falls
At one point I visited this placed 3 times in one week haha, that’s how crazy I am about this place. It’s really close to my home so it is super easy to get to.

The trail is about a 5 minute incline from the parking lot. There is an epic suspension bridge overlooking the waterfall with 2 separate view points. There is a giant log that has fallen and it is held in place on top of the pool of the waterfall. It looks really cool but I really don’t recommend getting on this log as it is extremely slippery and there are rocks underneath.

It is easy to get to the base of this waterfall and to get back up as well, just go through the wooden fence from under the bridge. Go at your own risk!

Next to the parking lot is a short 30 second trail that leads you into a creek with some picnic tables. It is a nice spot to relax and dip your feet in but the water is really cold!! There is also a pool area that is deep enough to swim in a little bit and it is safe but just really cold!


3. Bridal Veil Falls
This is another easy waterfall to get to from the parking lot. It is about a 10 minute incline up. When you arrive, it is so breathtaking!! It truly looks like a bride’s veil, hence the name.

There is a giant sign at the bottom that says CAUTION. DANGER. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. I proceeded at my own risk and it was so worth it! I was right underneath the waterfall and it was absolutely incredible to feel that. But, coming back down was slippery so I fell, landed on the back of my wrist and almost broke my wrist. And then I understood what the caution was for.


2. Vancouver Island - Englishman River Falls
This waterfall is located closer to Parksville and I really really love it here! The viewpoint is only a 5 minute trail from the parking lot. You can keep walking until you reach a creek area. There is a deeper natural pool area ideal for swimming. The water here is extremely cold but super fresh to drink as well!


1. Gold Creek
Gold Creek is a typical spot for locals in Maple Ridge to visit. Drive toward Alouette lake and go all the way to the end of the road. There will be a gravel road that you have to drive through for a couple of minutes. When you get to the parking lot, park your car and follow the trail towards "Lower Falls". 

It is an easy 30-40 minute trail with some large pool areas to swim in and a really cool waterfall at the end. For those of you that watch The 100, some scenes were filmed here and you will be able to tell which areas when you see it!


The waters here are extremely rapid most of the year so don’t test it!

Waterfalls are exciting because they have power, they have rainbows, they have songs, and they have boldness and craziness!
— Mehmet Murat ildan