Best Time of Year to go to Singapore


You might wonder why Singapore is so green with so much vegetation everywhere… well, one of the reasons is that it rains a lot in Singapore!! We went in the first week of May. It was thunderstorm almost every day that we were there, with some time slots in between for some sunshine. That being said, when it is sunny in Singapore during that time, it was super hot & humid. When it rained, it felt a bit more cool and the rain was still okay to walk in. Between November - January it is “wet season” in Singapore so it rains even more. The best time to visit is between February - April. That being said, it can still rain in those months, but less than in the wet season. It also still rains during summer months but when it doesn’t rain, temperatures can get extremely high!

When people try to rain on your parade, poke them with your umbrella.